How To Please A Woman In A One Night Stand

How To Please A Woman In A One Night Stand

One of the questions that have been on men's minds since the dawn of time and beyond is how exactly they can go about pleasing a woman? It doesn't matter if you're in Fort Worth or any other city in the world, all men think about this sort of thing from time to time. Really, given how abstract a question like that can be to our minds, we might as well just spend time thinking about life, time, and the universe as a whole. Because, frankly, we're not built to understand the way a woman's brain works. It's programmed so vastly different from ours that thinking about it too long might cause us to spontaneously combust! Thankfully, our lives have been made easier in recent years by the advent of online hookup websites to help make single people's lives easier. Before adult dating websites came into our lives, we had to rely on the traditional method of dating in order to have any conceivable chance of getting laid. Now, we can just sign in on our computers and have the option of choosing from a number of hot local singles right in our neighborhood. It's so great to be living in the world where we have these kinds of options available. How To Please A Woman In A One Night Stand Still, even though we have the option to get laid pretty much whenever we want, the traditional question remains: how do you please a woman? Well, like we said, we can never know the full extent of what it would take to totally satisfy a woman. That sort of thing is not for us to know. We're not sure if the men of future generations will ever figure it out, either, but we certainly doubt it. All we can do is keep it simple. While it's impossible for us to dig entirely into the vast realms of a woman's mind, there are a few proven tricks that represent the absolute best tools we have. Here are a few simple tips to greatly increase your chances of giving her rolling orgasms.

How To Please A Woman — Have A Selfless Mindset

As men, it's often tempting for us to think solely of ourselves when it comes to having sex. We seem to have a certain finish flag in mind, and we tend to progress toward that end point without having our partner's desires in mind. The first rule of pleasing a woman is to go into your sexual experience with a completely unselfish mindset, and have her needs and desires be a priority along with your own. Sex is an act that is committed by two people, after all, so it's important for there to be a mutual respect there. If you put some thought into pleasing your woman, not only will she be more sexually fulfilled, but you will also be having more intense sex on your end, since the intimacy in the room will be absolutely skyrocketing.

Engage In Foreplay

A woman's body is like an oven, and it needs to be preheated. Men tend to want to jump into the peak of the action right away, but a woman appreciates a little bit of play before the actual sex starts happening. A little foreplay before sex can go a long way in preparing a woman's body for intense orgasms to come. Take your time, set the mood, maybe engage in some oral sex to really get things going. Once the actual intercourse starts, that's when things get truly rolling.

Read Her Body Language

A lot of the communication that goes on between two people occurs through parts of the body other than the mouth. Unless you and your partner are extremely vocal during sex, most of the communication in the bedroom will be done through the movements of your body. Sex is a sort of language, and if you learn how to read her body language like a pro, you will be well on your way to pleasing your woman fully.

One Night Stand Orgasms — You Both Deserve Them

Whether it's a one night stand, a casual relationship, or a serious, long term commitment, both parties must always keep in mind that pleasure from all ends is an important part of the deal. Both of you should be having orgasms, and both of you should be having them regularly, otherwise you'll be finding yourself in a very sub par sexual relationship. Just enjoy the sex that you have with your lady, and make sure she enjoys it too. If you give her great pleasure, she'll be more inclined to try and give you as much pleasure as possible, so it's a win-win situation.