Having Safe Sex is Good for Your Health

Having Safe Sex is Good for Your Health

Having Safe Sex is Good for Your Health

How to have safe sex

Condoms and Safe Sex

Whether you're picking up honeys at the bars or clubs or doing the whole internet dating thing, having safe sex goes way beyond condoms. Condoms are still important because they are generally very good at stopping the transmission of fluids from Person A to Person B but they are not 100% effective at this. Generally, user error is to blame for this, but even at stopping pregnancy, condoms are about 98% effective if used properly. Now consider this. A woman can only get pregnant only so many days out of the month, so it's hard to determine how effective the condom is at stopping diseases that can be transmitted at any time. Furthermore, it seems difficult to determine how many times user error results in unwanted results. The thing that's clear here is that you have to be very careful that you're using the condom correctly. Always remember to leave a little room at the tip of your dick to catch the spooge or else the condom could break. Once the condom breaks, it's like not having used one at all, and the risk to both you and your partner increases exponentially. It is important to note that recent studies have shown that spermicidally enhanced condoms are not effective at all at reducing the risk of STDs. Not only that, but there is a heightened risk for ladies who may develop urinary tract infections due to the fact that the spermicide tends to degrade when applied to the condoms as they sit on the shelf. Spermicide does one thing only: it kills sperm, and while it's effective at doing so, it does not prevent the transmission of any STD as STDs are not transmitted solely by infected sperm. The only correct use for spermicide is for couples who are attempting to avoid pregnancy and generally even then it should only be used with another form of contraceptive to make them both more effective. Alone, spermicide is only 78% effective at preventing pregnancy, and has shown no scientific utility at preventing STDs.

Clean Shaven Pubes and Safe Sex

Viruses and bacteria can sit dormant on pretty much anything, and that includes your pubic hair. Even if you use a condom you may not be completely safe against contracting a sexually transmitted disease if your pubic hair intermingles with your partner's. Not only is shaving your pubes good for making your dick look bigger, but it can also prevent STDs. Pubic lice for example, also known as crabs, can be completely avoided by shaving your pubic region. Beyond that it provides one less area of contact for diseases to be transmitted. If you're into the natural look, that's cool, but if you're also into random hookups then you've got a choice to make. The better choice of course is to shave the pubes. Lots of infections can be prevented by taking this simple measure, including viral and bacterial ones.

Vaccination and Safe Sex

Vaccinations can prevent two of the most common STDs: hepatitis B and HPV, both of which are viral. While doctors recommend you get vaccinated before becoming sexually active, it is never too late to get the shots. Despite what you may have heard, both men and women can benefit from getting vaccinations.

Safe Sex and Internet Dating

Internet dating can be a great way to meet new people for random hookups and casual dating. But having safe sex on internet dating sites comes with its own set of complications. Women are far more aware of this than men are, even gay men who hook up with dudes seem more aware than straight dudes hooking up with women. In one regard, women are no different than men. They too can be cruel, hateful, and predatory. This generally comes from a desire for revenge against another man who at one point or another abused them. Though you may have never done anything to harm or hurt a woman in your life, you may yourself become a target of a woman who was hurt by someone else and seeking revenge. A few years back there was a story about a woman who would hook up with random guys and then they came to find out they had all contracted HIV. Why did she do this? Well, someone gave it to her and she just wanted to pass on the misery. What can you do? Make complete certain that you are providing the contraceptives. One other thing to keep in mind is that men are far more likely to be robbed by a woman on a date than they are to be assaulted, or given a disease. If you're drinking, be sure to keep your wits about you, and it never hurts to do what the ladies do and have a friend check in with you at some point. I know it seems like a wanker move, but dude, there's some vicious women out there. Stay safe.