Can Couples Counseling Help Save Your Relationship?

Can Couples Counseling Help Save Your Relationship?

Have you and your girlfriend been fighting all the time? When you started dating did you two have sex all the time, but now that you’ve been together a while it almost never happens? Has your girlfriend been nagging you all the time? Sometimes do you just wonder why you’re still in it?

My girlfriend and I have been together a long time. When we first met it was like magic between us, and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Lately though we can barely stand being in the same room together. My girlfriend suggested we try couples counseling. At first I must admit I was skeptical, and definitely did not want to pay someone money to listen to my feelings. Thankfully I let her convince me of its merits. Let me tell you about my experiences with couples counseling. Just as a side note, I’ve had great luck finding girlfriends on this awesome hookup site.

couples counselingHow my girlfriend and I found happiness with couples counselling

A Couples Counselling Success Story

We found a counsellor that seemed to be experienced, but not old enough for us to feel uncomfortable sharing intimate details with. Our first session was the most intense by far. I really didn’t know what to expect and how it would affect me afterwards. We came into the office and it reminded us of what a cool aunt’s apartment might look like. Scented candles, big comfortable chairs, eccentric tapestries, and book cases filled with books lined the walls. The counsellor looked like a mix of a librarian and a telepsychic.

She asked us about how we met. My girlfriend really enjoyed this as she likes to recall our relationship story to people. Eventually things got a bit more serious as the counselor asked us about what made us feel unhappy in the relationship. I basically said that I hate being blamed for everything and being guilt tripped on all the time. My girlfriend and I actually started yelling at each other in front of the counselor. While I was screaming and my girlfriend was crying, the counsellor just looked at us knowingly.

We left our first session more angry with each other than before. I felt like this counselling thing was going to make things worse. My girlfriend made me promise her 3 more sessions. She said if I would join her 3 more times there would be no more doing this. I agreed.

The next few went off more smoothly. There were no huge blow out fights in the office. We sat there calmly and spoke about our feelings. We tried to be as respectful of each other as possible. That was something we hadn’t done in years! We made a point to make the counselling sessions in the late afternoon. After the session we could go out to dinner together, on a real date. In time we found that we were truly enjoying being together again. Our communication improved, and so did our previously non existent sex life.

My life with my girlfriend has been so improved. It is like I am a new person who is dating a new person. Our past problems almost don’t exist anymore. We can talk about almost anything and not get into an argument about it. Our friends used to hate going out with us because we would always start fighting around them. Did I ever think I would become therapies number one fan? Definitely not!

Look I still feel weird talking about my feelings. When there is someone unbiased in the room with you, making you share your feelings, you feel vulnerable and not masculine.

My girlfriend and I are now starting a family. We just found out my girlfriend is pregnant. Now I come from a broken home. So one of my biggest fears is that I will divorce the mother of my future children. I am now so in love with my girlfriend that I’m confident it will work out. Counselling makes you confront your fears within your relationship and really helps you grow to overcome them. If you and your girlfriend cannot communicate maybe spending some money will force you to do so.

Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a rut. Keep that magic alive in your relationship. It doesn’t have to fade away. I promise you that you and your girlfriend will only be happier and sexier with the help of your therapist! If couples counselling does not work out, I found this awesome hookup site that can help you meet a new partner.